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i call myself a tankie when i want to put forth the ideological equivalent of a HONK IF YOU GUZZLE CUM shirt: repulsive to some, alluring to others

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hi! i'm diana. i run this place.

i've used the fediverse for about seventeen years. i don't think about my posts anymore, i just kick it from my head.

send a follow request but this account is really just for friends and family.

oh and i almost forgot: cows are the silent jury in the trial of mankind!

Be ruthless about protecting your peace.

Do not negotiate about your well-being.

anyways I've been excommunicated by the local diocese

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went to church last sunday, they asked me if i knew how to "play the pipe organ". i told them yeah, heh heh, obviously, do I look like someone who doesn't know how to "play" the "pipe organ"?

white people realizing whiteness is a political project any% challenge

you're not mad because they pass. you're mad because they're an assimilationist.

scooby snacks are piss, you heard it from my wife. of course proto-shaggy is a teetotaller. he does fucking watersports

alien perverts calling me a MILF (mammal i'd like to fuck)

When you see hypocrisy, most of the time what you're really seeing is the exercise of power.

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The herd is stronger together! Herdspace is a little island for grass puppies, crowing borbs, and whiny kobolds.