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hi! i'm diana. i run this place.

i've used the fediverse for about seventeen years. i don't think about my posts anymore, i just kick it from my head.

send a follow request but this account is really just for friends and family.

oh and i almost forgot: cows are the silent jury in the trial of mankind!

Mario (answering cellphone): Mama, hi, can I call a you back?
*Mario, I made a mushroom pasta*
Mario: That's nice mama.. look I'm a little busy..
*Mario I use a your big red mushroom*
Mario: wait what??
*Mario I'm a so big now*
Mario: oh geez mama stay right a there..
*Mario, tell Jesus I am a so sorry*

BREAKING: On the fedi are erises three, poor sorts of eris to be, none of them will grant your wishes.

its easy to not remember because many of these have been long defedded but look what good that does us when new users come in

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the sad reality of it is that we carved this fucking space out of tainted soil. these fucked up pleroma weirdos are all around us

“people don’t want a protocol. they want a singular vision to serve their needs”

i too hate knowing things but whether or not people want to understand where the shit they flush goes doesn’t change that infrastructure is both complicated and necessary

new essay! not only debunks "trans social contagion" & "gr00ming" charges, but shows how they're linked, and explains the unconscious thinking behind both anti-trans campaigners' obsession with us & the TERF-to-fascist pipeline.

no paywall link, pls share & give it lots of "claps" (up to 50) so other ppl see it!

#trans #transgender #gay #lesbian #bisexual #LGBTQ #queer #feminism #socialjustice #sex #gender #sexuality #psychology

spotify wrapped my dick in a box. it was a smaller box than 89% of other users

baby yoda show is a programme about eggs and the lengths a filthy little green goblin will go to consume them

As usual @cwebber has already addressed a lot of the things I think I am being original about regarding federation controls on malicious actors. Her outline here is really informative when thinking about the future of a more consent based federation model:

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The herd is stronger together! Herdspace is a little island for grass puppies, crowing borbs, and whiny kobolds.