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Jumping off what @blaine is saying here:

I work in professional fact-checking and content moderation for my day job at and I have begun conversations about ways to do content moderation as a federated service that admins can pay to subscribe to (where moderators are paid a living wage, maybe in worker owned coops even, as opposed to big social media companies using basically sweatshop moderation labor)

going to family dinner and then the freak fuck house dinner

some crows caught me on the way to the grocer. they swooped down into my path and pretended not to be waiting for me. they followed me home. they know where i live.

landback is no idle sentiment. it is a material demand

Landback always fuck them colonizers fuck christopher columbus fuck the pilgrims

yes i am definitely a curvy milf and not three crows in shapewear

Dark buddhism: terrible ideology for redditors. Mock on sight
Bark dudeism: just hanging out and appreciating trees. Totally fine

yeah im into verifying my CSRD token:

C unkin'
S fucks
R the
D onuts

digital art, I'm still figuring this out. also kobold 

okay look. i'm just saying. what if a sketched out a lil guy real quick to learn how photoshop works

i once had a dream that dave grohl tried picking me up at a party and he threw a fit when i turned him down. the whole time i was like "i just want to go home and play morrowind"

just woke up to the sensation of hot coffee being poured on my dick and balls and also the sensation of my oxygen supply getting interrupted by my wife's massive set of oingy-boingies hi I'm spigot and this is mastodon

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The herd is stronger together! Herdspace is a little island for grass puppies, crowing borbs, and whiny kobolds.