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hey techbros, if you want to build a scraper or search engine, here's a life hack for ya: just point that thing at / and literally nobody will complain

the flagship instances of Website Boy's Elephant Ride have been notably absent from discussion of the scraper problem. they rarely defederate even the worst serial harasser channer trash instances, so what are the odds they'll do anything about you?

> whales use tools
< what?
> *cocks gun* whales use tools

I just said “slormping soump” out loud to myself. Fuck you, Mastodon. >:|

technically not conjugation probably but fuck you i won't do what you tell me

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knowing enough french to conjugate "renaissance" into an adjective (renaissant)

me: [offers an opinion at length]
me, anxious and recalcitrant: i guess this is just a longer way of saying "death to america"

what's that, brave and attractive warrior? you'd protect me, but you have no weapon? just reach sensually into my chest, beyond the bounds of physics, and withdraw from me a sparkling green blade, representative of the deadly grace of my very soul, hold it firmly in your callused fighter's hands, and defend us both

problematically averse to respectability (shitting on the donors table)

You don't have to have an unsucked dick to work here...but it helps!

shaking my ass in your face again in bootyshorts that read PROGRESS IS A MYTH

my bird son's bird son has come to ask me for peanuts and he's brought his mate I'm so proud :,)

new blog entry, this time poetry

# Ode to the Worms Crawling Through the Skull of the Last Capitalist, Rotting Beneath the Earth

#poetry #anticapitalism

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The herd is stronger together! Herdspace is a little island for grass puppies, crowing borbs, and whiny kobolds.