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meta, activitypub 

i think activitypub has won this round. big players -- tumblr and flickr -- are talking about federation at the protocol level, and though their words aren't acts quite yet, it proves this: a ragtag band of international volunteers scaled a decentralized network that stands among the titans of the space. the dust continues to settle, and will for a while, but this remains a decisive if subtle victory for proponents of distributed systems.

re: spritely 

what really floors me about spritely is how it uses reams of research in order to provide an advanced security paradigm through a simple — if unfamiliar — programming experience. you don’t have to implement an ACL to control peer permissions; you get something even more powerful right out of the box. the result allows programmers to write astonishingly sophisticated apps without reinventing the wheel, and that sophistication is never itself burdensome.

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it’s hard to really express how cool spritely and its tech is. i don’t even know how to hype it up for you. after years of putting up with append-only protocols and trying to engineer around their dire limitations, spritely is producing technologies for a truly next-generaton p2p ecosystem. if you’d told me “spritely has deletes” i’d have been sold, but goodness, it is so much more than that.

whenever i have seen “post-left” it has been like a setting a countdown until they do something racist

my mom: but you can still check the gender of the baby in utero right?

me: can you though?

my mom: ...yes?

me: can you though??

my mom, remembering i'm trans: oh

flu deaths were like 10% of their typical value in the first year of the pandemic because everyone masked. like, why weren't we masking all along? jfc

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him: masking is such a bother

me, masked: individualism is a blight

it's not like you could ever really believe the american government but

for real how are you supposed to believe virtually any government entity now

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parts of the fediverse i have never seen are fucking eating up my tech critiques but like. i am always shooting from the hip. my insights are screams more than analyses

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The herd is stronger together! Herdspace is a little island for grass puppies, crowing borbs, and whiny kobolds.